Monthly Archives: September 2014

5 Critical Mistakes You’re (Probably) Making With Your Social Media Marketing

  1. YOUR ADVERTISING STRATEGY IS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE 1990’s Case in point, back in the day, you’d be watching “Friends” and the show would abruptly cut to the Budweiser Commercial trying to sell you some beer. Remember this commercial? lol During that era, that kind of marketing worked. Today? Not to so much. All the…

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Here’s Something To Make You Smile! Thank You!

Hey doc, Here’s a fun, little video I put together for you that is sure to make you smile!  …you’ve been so awesome to me as a loyal subscriber to The Chiropractic Underground, making me smile each and every day, that I wanted to return the gesture! Enjoy!   P.S. Hey, if this video made…

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6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 6)

#6 Build A Tribe of Loyal Followers. In order to build a following, you’re going to have to communicate to them regularly and provide content that they will actually find valuable. If you’re constantly pounding your tribe of followers with offers and promotions and not actually providing value (content that can transform their life) then…

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