6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 4)

#4 Do not be afraid to venture into Audios and Videos

Okay, now that we’ve stressed the importance of writing good copy and you’ve been practicing for several days now by writing blog posts and sending emails to your patients, it’s time to move into Audios and Videos.

Look, you don’t want to limit yourself to just writing blog posts and emails.

If you REALLY want to become a local authority on the topic of health and wellness in your community, you’ve got to start doing audio and video.

Think about all the gurus you respect and follow…I would bet almost ALL of them use audio or video to get their message out there.

Here’s the deal, content is King on the Internet and you will be catering to more audiences with a variety of channels for them.

You’ve got to do more than just post on facebook or run Google Adwords or FB Ads with your online marketing.  …and in my opinion, Audio and Video are two of the BIGGEST Powerhouse Marketing tools you can have in your arsenal.

It is a proven, scientific fact that the more human senses you can tap into, the more engaged people will be as to what you are trying to convey to them.

If you were to start doing Webinars, Podcasts or Videos on a consistent basis, I promise you, you will have just one-upped your competitor!  How many health care professionals in your town are hosting weekly or even monthly webinars for their patients and the people in your community?  

Ya, that’s what I though. lol  …next to none.

Can you see how utilizing Webinars, Podcasts and Videos would give you The Edge?

Through Audio and Video you can easily get people in your community to know, like and trust you before they ever step foot in your office.  …and at the end of the day, that increases New Patient Conversions at your ROF and Increases Overall Patient Retention.

Here are a couple of programs I recommend if you want learn how to get more new patients by marketing webinars to your community and learn how to utilize video marketing in your practice.

This is the first program I recommend…

It is a Step-by-Step Webinar Marketing System  SPECIFICALLY FOR CHIROPRACTORS that not only shows you how to market webinars to the people in your community, but it also shows you how to create webinars that convert prospects into new patients!

Again, how many health care professionals are hosting, weekly, by-monthly or even monthly webinars?  Now, imagine how this marketing strategy will position you in the community when you’re doing Webinars on Chiropractic/Subluxation, Weight Loss, Neuralgia, Thyroid, Migraines, etc…every single month or even several times per month.

You will instantly become a well respected and highly sought after authority in your community by offering your Health Guru Advice to the community through these webinars.  Everyone wants a guru…this is your chance to become the guru they go to for their health and wellness needs.

webinar marketing

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Here is the second program I recommend…

It’s a Video Marketing System created by James Wedmore called, Video Marketing Academy.  James is one of the TOP VIDEO MARKETERS on the planet and I have learned more from him in the past year than I have in my previous eight years online combined! This program shows you how to use your iPhone/Droid to create videos that will turn you into a local celebrity and have people in your community chomping at the bit to come and see you!  Great, Great, Great Program!  Highly Recommended!!

chiropractic video marketing academy

I’ve been using Audio and Video since late 2005 to promote my own business and I can tell you with absolute certainty, IT WORKS!

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Stay Tuned For Part 5!  Competition vs. Domination!

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