6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 5)

#5. Dominate Don’t Compete.

There is a HUGE difference between competing in your town/city and dominating your town/city.

Competition is Healthy, but Domination is Immunity.

When you think of big companies that have dominated their industry, Google, IBM, Xerox, Apple…all these companies did whatever it took to go the extra mile to rise above being average, to rise above what society considered “being well done.”

These companies took MASSIVE ACTION to make sure they dominated their industry.

If you want to DOMINATE your town/city, you’ve got to take massive action to get there!  You can’t dominate by sitting on your keister, twiddling your thumbs, surfing facebook or worse yet, engaging in facebook rants/debates all day. lol

Here’s why competing is so detrimental to your business.  Competing doesn’t allow us to be creative.chiropractic domination

When you’re DOMINATING…

You’re always being innovative.

You’re always ahead of the curve.

Everyone is chasing after you!

The reason WHY Apple has been so successful, is because Apple is always ahead of the pack. Everyone is always trying to mimic what they are doing.

This is a huge part of dominating your town/city.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be the first one to that space, but in order to dominate, you have to be #1 in that space.

You have to be the one that influences.

When people in your town/city think to themselves, “Who is the #1 authority on health and wellness in our community.?” …your name NEEDS to be the first one that comes to mind. …because YOU are the one that is DOMINATING!

When you set your goals, instead of thinking, “Ok, I’m competing with X, Y and Z.”  you need to change your mindset to, “I’m going to DOMINATE this town/city. I’m going to be the person EVERYONE thinks of when they need a health care professional to help them be well or overcome their health challenges.” 

Look, if you want to have more new patients that you know what to do with, you need to dominate!

You need to be willing to do what other won’t in order to get what others can’t.

Every company out there is thinking to themselves, “How can I edge past the other company?”  You’re thinking of it right now! You wouldn’t be reading this blog post if you weren’t.  Why do you think I titled this post “6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To!”  …it’s because I know what you’re looking for!  You want that edge!

But now that I have your attention, it’s time to move you away from this debilitating mindset of “competition” and into a mindset of Total Domination!!!

Now, I know I don’t have to say this, but I’m going to anyway, domination doesn’t mean doing things unethically.  Always, always, always do things in an ethical manner. Capiche?  Cool!

Here’s how you dominate a market…

Pay Attention and Be Aware of what other health care professionals in your town doing.

Do some reconnaissance and then figure out what you can do differently to get ahead.

Apple, Google, Amazon, etc…all these big companies are always paying attention to what the other is doing.  They are always looking for ways to get ahead.

Quick Story…My Grandma Has A Lead Foot!

grandma macMy Grandma Mac (her real name is Florence, but everyone calls her Mac) taught me how to drive. She started teaching me whan I was only 10 years old.  She would take me on the backroads of West Central, Pa, pull over and switch seats with me and teach me how to drive her old Buick.

My grandmother also had a lead foot. Which is probably why I’ve had over dozen speeding tickets in the last 22 years. lol

Anyway, I remember one day when we were driving to the store, there was car driving the speed limit in front of us.  My gram started honking her horn and motioning for the car in front of us to speed up. The car in front of us must have been really annoyed because after all, he was driving the speed limit.  After a few minutes, my gram realized that this guy obviously wasn’t going to go any faster so my gram decided to pass the car in front of us.  She mumbled a few words and then all of sudden, she gunned it!!  …but she didn’t just pass the guy and get directly in front of him…no…she kept going…at a very high rate of speed.  I remember putting a death grip on the door handle as we reached speeds of 80+ mph on that little winding, two lane road.

My gram looked over at me and said, “Lesson #28…when you pass someone, don’t just pass them and get directly in front of them…YOU BLOW THEIR ASS AWAY!”

HaHa!!!   I think I was 12 years old at the time and it was the first time I ever heard my gram swear like that.

My point is, she wasn’t trying to compete for the road with that car, she was looking to DOMINATE the road!  She wanted to lead the pack, not follow behind it.  …and she did!

You want to be in a position where you are Leading and not Chasing.  You want to Cause the Trend, not follow the trend.

So in order to dominate, you’re going to have to lead.

…and guess what?  Leading isn’t easy.

You’ve got to get comfortable at putting yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to get those dominating results.

With all this being said,

Be A DOMINATOR Not A Competitor.

  • Be a Creator.
  • Be An Innovator.
  • Be A Leader.
  • Be Willing To Go Against The Norm.
  • Be Willing To Do What Others Are Not.

There is no need to feel sorry for anyone.  The market place is a brutal environment.

There is a reason that 97% of population is where they are.  …and there is a reason why the 3% own 97% of the wealth.

The 3% are doing something that the other 97% are not willing to do.  The 3% are DOMINATING in their field of work.

The key to dominating your town/city is to not be average.  Being average is the formula for failure.

If you just do what society expects of you, you will end up like the rest of society.  …living paycheck to paycheck and complaining about what a struggle life is.

The bottom line is DOMINATE Don’t Compete.

I hope you found some value in this blog post.  If you did, please “Like” this post or leave a comment.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will answer them for you. 🙂

Stay Tuned For Part 6!  The last and final piece of the puzzle!

In the mean time,

Keep Saving Lives!


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