6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 1)

With the number of chiropractic offices sprouting up in your town, it is easy to get lost in all the noise everyone is making.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that you have to “stand out in the crowd” or “be different” to get an edge on your competition.

I have personally coached and know of countless chiropractors doing extremely well despite being in in a town that has a chiropractor on every corner.

Over the years I’ve learned that Chiropractors are a different breed.  They want to be the top dog in their town, but rarely are they willing to do what it takes to be the top dog.

I’m not so sure if this is a case of pure laziness because the vast majority of them want their marketing “Completely Done For Them” or if it’s just that they really don’t know where to even start with their marketing, how to gain momentum and keep it going.

Nowadays, it seems like almost every chiropractor I run across wants a marketing system that is “Done-For-You”, so they don’t have to lift a finger.  …and this has caused an epidemic of both laziness and entitlement in the profession.  Seriously, more and more chiropractors have the attitude of “What are you going to do for me?”   What they need to be focusing on is,

  • How AM I going to get better at what I’m doing?
  • How AM I going to market MY practice?
  • How AM I going to be different than everyone else?
  • How AM I going to do whatever it takes to ensure my success?

Because at the end of the day, the only one responsible for your success is YOU.

But you know what,  it’s not your fault.

When every marketer in the profession is pushing, “Push Button Systems” that “Require No Work” it’s no wonder the attitudes of the profession have shifted.

It’s genius Propaganda from a “marketers” standpoint.  We ALL know that you are more likely to buy a push button system than a system that will require you to get off your ass and do some actual work, like my Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Program.  This system pays off in HUGE ROI’s, but you or your staff have to actually do some leg work first.

…and if every marketer and guru in town is pushing “push button” systems, then “push button” must be the way to go, right?  I mean, WHY NOT? everyone else is doing “push-button” marketing, you might as well too!

But is Push Button really getting yo the results you want?  According to a survey I ran not to long ago, 61% of chiropractors are unsatisfied with their marketing efforts, 28% are satisfied and 11% are absolutely thrilled with the results they’re getting.

But 61% are unsatisfied???  Dude, that’s more than half the profession!!!

My mentor, Dr. John Demartini once told me, “Chris, the master goes in the opposite direction of the masses.”  I believe those words are eternal, meaning, it’s sage advice and will always stand the test of time.

The key to success is figuring out what the competition is doing and not only do it better, but do it different.

Which means if everyone else is doing “Push Button” marketing, then you need to do the exact opposite.

Therefore, in this blog post, I am going to shed some light on this topic and show you 6 things your competition isn’t doing and why you need to!

What I’m about to teach you has worked wonders in my own business and I know it will work wonders in your as well.

However, as a favor to you, I am not going to write about all 6 in this one article, because I don’t want to overwhelm you.  So I’m going to break these up into 6 separate lessons for you.  I promise, you’ll thank me for that later! lol

So let’s start at the beginning…

#1 Create an avatar on who you plan on marketing to…

Grab a pen and paper and list down the exact details as to how you picture your prospective new patient.

I GUARANTEE Your Competition Isn’t Doing This!

For example: My Chiropractic Underground avatar would be a chiropractor ranging in age from 26-56 years old, single/married, male/female, with a practice ranging around 150 pv/week and collections around $20,000/month.  They are looking for ideas in marketing that will help him/her take their practice to the half million dollar/year range or greater. They are driven, passionate, motivated, wanting to learn about marketing, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty they are wanting to learn more about how they can set themselves apart from every other health care professional in their town.

Of course, this is generally not 100% of my audience, but this is my avatar that drives my content.

Once you have distinguished your avatar, picture how you would want to market to these people.

So here’s an example of recent chiropractor that asked for my help.

He had an Ad that he wanted to send out to people through the Yellow Pages.  I told him I would take a look at the ad and see how we could make it better.

When I looked at the Ad, I immediately realized it was typical “shotgun” marketing.  In other words, he was trying to appeal to everyone and anyone with a pulse.

Here was the original ad.  (I’ve blurred out the name and clinic to protect the innocent) lol


You can see right away that the Ad was based all around the “price”.  This ad is FEE Driven not, AVATAR Driven.

I can also tell you right now that your potential new patients don’t give two shits about a “Detailed Health History” or a “Report of the Xray and Exam Findings”, so why waste space on that ad telling them that.  They’ve been to the doctor before (DC or MD), they know the routine.

Oh, and how about the “Brief Exam of the Affected Areas”.  What???  You’re going to take a “detailed health history”, but when it comes time to investigate my problem, it’s going to be “brief”?  Huh? lol

But the main thing is, if you look at the overall Ad, the whole thing is based on Price!

Look How many times the Fees are mentioned in the Ad.

1-2-3-4 marketing


Never…Ever…Make Your Office About PRICE!

This Ad targets no-one, except for people looking to get a “deal” and we all know how those patients typically work out!  When it comes time to go over a $2,800 Care Plan they usually tell us things like, “I’m going to have to go home and think about it.”  or “I want to get a second opinion.”

So, let me show you what an AVATAR Driven Chiropractic Ad looks like…one that is Highly Targeted and speaks to people suffering with real problems in a way that makes them say, “Wow, this doctor really understands what I’m suffering with.”

Here is my revised Chiropractic Ad Copy…

After Chiropractic Ad

Can you see the difference in the marketing?

#1. Notice the Headline…

Attention: Working Moms Who Suffer With Pounding, Throbbing Headaches… (This Ad targets people with a specific problem)

#2. Look at the Body of the Ad…

Does this sound like you?  You take two over-the-counter pain relievers every, single morning before you head into work and before the day’s end, you’re popping two more.  You’ve been doing this for years, day in and day out.  When you come home, you’ve got a house to clean, dinner to make, homework to help with and a family to take care of. It seems like your day never ends, and all of it, ALL OF IT! …just makes your head pound even harder.

Obviously you have a job to do and a family to run and unfortunately, I can’t make that go away, BUT, what if we could make the headaches go away? Once and for all! Would that make life a little easier for you? I’ve already helped hundreds of working moms just like you get rid of their headaches permanently, as in, “They Don’t Get Them Anymore.” It’s your call, but I think we should see what I can do for you. How about you?  Call Me Today!  I Care, I Listen and Most Importantly, I Get Results!”

(This Ad connects with the working mom in so many way and  it gets her to say to herself, “Wow! This doctor really understands what I’m suffering with.”  …because when this working mom reads this ad she’s says, “That’s ME!!”)

#3. Look at the Close…

(This Ad has a non-pushy close that actually makes the doctor look super cool.  After describing how he’s been able to help hundreds of working moms “just like her” get rid of their headaches permanently, he says, “It’s your call, but I think we should see what I can do for you. How about you?”

This does three things,

A. It puts the patient in control of the decision.  No one ever wants to feel SOLD to, so using this type of language makes you look super cool and laid back and like you’re genuinely trying to help her and not trying to SELL her .

B. Using the word “We” as in “…we should see what I can do for you.” immediately makes the patient realize that this is a Team Effort.  No one ever wants to tackle a problem alone if they don’t have to.

C. It engages her in the copy and gets her to answer the question he’s asking.  “How about you”?  She’s either going to nod her head YES, or shake her head NO, either way, she’s engage.

There are so many other “little” things that went into this Ad, but I think you get the idea.

Now, how was I able to write this Ad like this so easily?


I created a New Patient Avatar (as mentioned above) and then put myself in that patients shoes and said to myself, “If I was a working mom and also suffering with pounding, throbbing headaches, what would life be like for me?”   …and then I wrote the Ad as if I were talking to that working mom, One-On-One.  I didn’t talk to a group of people, I talked to her and her only.

When I created my Avatar, I even went as far as to name her.  This woman’s name (though I don’t ever mention it in the Ad) is Kayleigh.  So I asked myself, “What is life like for Kayleigh while she’s suffering with her pounding, throbbing headaches?”

It’s pretty simple to do, you just need to practice.

I hope you found some VALUE in this blog post, if you did, please do me a HUGE FAVOR and leave a comment below!  …or at least “like” the blog post!

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Anyway, my next post will reveal the 2nd thing your competition isn’t doing and why you need to!

Stay Tuned!!!!

In the mean time,



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