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burfield family fun

Here’s Something To Make You Smile! Thank You!

Hey doc, Here’s a fun, little video I put together for you that is sure to make you smile!  …you’ve been so awesome to me as a loyal subscriber to The Chiropractic Underground, making me smile each and every day, that I wanted to return the gesture! Enjoy!   P.S. Hey, if this video made…

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chiropractic tribe

6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 6)

#6 Build A Tribe of Loyal Followers. In order to build a following, you’re going to have to communicate to them regularly and provide content that they will actually find valuable. If you’re constantly pounding your tribe of followers with offers and promotions and not actually providing value (content that can transform their life) then…

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chiropractic marketing domination

6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 5)

#5. Dominate Don’t Compete. There is a HUGE difference between competing in your town/city and dominating your town/city. Competition is Healthy, but Domination is Immunity. When you think of big companies that have dominated their industry, Google, IBM, Xerox, Apple…all these companies did whatever it took to go the extra mile to rise above being…

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chiropractic video marketing

6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 4)

#4 Do not be afraid to venture into Audios and Videos Okay, now that we’ve stressed the importance of writing good copy and you’ve been practicing for several days now by writing blog posts and sending emails to your patients, it’s time to move into Audios and Videos. Look, you don’t want to limit yourself to…

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chiropractic storytelling

6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 3)

#3.  Master the Art of Storytelling Educating your patients and community about chiropractic is great, but always be sure to convey the message in a way where people can relate to it. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek The most important piece of advice I can give…

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chiropractic blogging

6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 2)

#2. Write, Write, Write… In general, people are afraid to write.  …and it’s typically because they’re afraid that others will mock their message, mock their beliefs, or even something as small as mock their grammar.  Much like the couple of chiropractors that pointed out how “horrible” my grammar was in my previous blog post, “6 Things…

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chiropractic marketing edge

6 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing And Why You Need To! (Part 1)

With the number of chiropractic offices sprouting up in your town, it is easy to get lost in all the noise everyone is making. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that you have to “stand out in the crowd” or “be different” to get an edge on your competition. I have personally coached…

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tough guy marketing

One Fist Of Iron – The Other Is Made of Steel – An Update On My Dad.

Hey doc, Thank YOU for the prayers and support you have shown me and my family over the last few weeks concerning my father’s hospitalization due to a violent Adverse Drug Reaction. If you are unfamiliar with what happened, please watch this video I made back on July 22, 2014 for the FULL STORY. He…

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PIMP My Office Tour!! (Before and After)

I’ve been surfing around YouTube the last few weeks and checking out different Chiropractic Office Tour videos.  I have to admit, the majority of them want to put me to sleep. Yet so many of them have REAL Potential to be SUPER COOL if only a little more effort were put into them. The key to…

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medical quackery

When Medical Quackery Hits You Right Between The Eyes!

My father recently experienced an Violent Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) from an Arthritis Drug known as Meloxicam.   The following video is a Public Service Announcement. The following video is for chiropractic patient education purposes.  NO ONE should ever have to experience what he is going through and Your Patients Need To Know This…It Could SAVE…

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