Conviction: What Does It Mean To Me?

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part 7

People Need To Feel A Sense of Power

I think we all know that most people don’t like change.   But it’s not really “change” they don’t like, it’s being changed they don’t like. If you look closely, you’ll see at the very core of this resistance is our need to feel in control…our need to feel a sense of power. “When our…

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facebook marketing for chiropractors

No Shave November, Facebook Marketing and Storytelling!

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part 6

Why People Need To Be Right

Ok, here’s a question for you… If you walked into someone’s church, synagog, mosque, temple, etc., and completely changed everything around and then told the congregation how YOU think they should worship and then turned around and expected them to thank you for it, how well do you think that would go over? Exactly! Not very…

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Why People Need To Know Things Others Don’t And Things They Aren’t Suppose To Know

Wanna know a secret? Well, you’re not the only one. One of the most seductive forms of communication is making people feel like they know something they aren’t suppose to. Almost every guru on the planet has claimed to be in possession of some sort of secret knowledge or at least made their followers “think” they…

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Why People Need To Be Noticed and Feel Understood

What I’m about to say is going to be super controversial, but it IS the truth and it’s worth noting. When you go back and look at the history of some of the biggest cults in the world, you’ll find one major theme that tends to repeat itself over and over again. “The need to…

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Why Everyone Needs A Scapegoat

This has got to be one of the most misunderstood addictions of all time. The term “scapegoat” has been used for centuries and it always creates a very negative image in our minds. Most people refuse to even consider putting it into practice. But like I said in Part 2 of this series, these “hidden…

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7 addictions part 2

Why People Will Do Anything To Gain A Sense of Hope

How much time do you think people spend looking for answers to problems in their lives?  Not sure?  Well go to YouTube right now or even Google and type in “How To” or “Self Help” and you’ll get a sense of their need for answers, their need for hope. You know what, let me save…

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chiropractic persuasion marketing part 1

Why People Need To Be Needed

Have you ever noticed that people need to feel needed? It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional, “NEED” plays a part in every single aspect of our lives. Understanding this simple piece of information is crucial to long terms success in both your personal and professional life. I know this is going to sound…

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5 Critical Mistakes You’re (Probably) Making With Your Social Media Marketing

  1. YOUR ADVERTISING STRATEGY IS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE 1990’s Case in point, back in the day, you’d be watching “Friends” and the show would abruptly cut to the Budweiser Commercial trying to sell you some beer. Remember this commercial? lol During that era, that kind of marketing worked. Today? Not to so much. All the…

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