PIMP My Office Tour!! (Before and After)

I’ve been surfing around YouTube the last few weeks and checking out different Chiropractic Office Tour videos.  I have to admit, the majority of them want to put me to sleep.

Yet so many of them have REAL Potential to be SUPER COOL if only a little more effort were put into them. The key to Video Marketing is producing videos that are entertaining yet educational. Now, no offense to this doc, but I found his video on YouTube and after about 21 seconds in, I was ready to bounce to the next video.

You don’t have to watch the whole thing, but see how long it takes YOU before you’re ready to turn it off.


Not long huh?

So here’s what I did…


I took the opportunity to reach out to a few docs I came across on YouTube and ask them if they would like me to make them a P.I.M.P. office tour video.  One that patients would be excited and more than willing to share around facebook and other social media platforms.

An office tour that patients would watch longer than 21 seconds. lol

All they had to do was get out their iPhone or their Droid, walk around their office and shoot a RAW Office Tour, send the file to me and in exchange I would turn it into an MTV Cribs style video.

A video that was not only educational, but entertaining! It was super simple for them to do.

It took them no more than 20  minutes to shoot the footage from beginning to end.

After they shot the raw footage they simply emailed me the file and then I worked a little Chiropractic Video Voodoo! They were all SUPER EXCITED with the results! Here’s a sample of one of the office tours I put together for them.

This is what Dr. Joel Speers had on his website, BEFORE I Pimped His Tour!


This is the BEFORE Video

This is the AFTER Video


Not too shabby, huh? My thought was, if MTV CRIBS can shoot a tour of someone’s home and make it entertaining enough for us to sit there for 30 minutes watching an episode and then talk about it with our friends, family and co-workers the next day, then why couldn’t we do the exact same thing with our chiropractic offices??

So, if you have a boring, old office tour with no music (or worse yet, ELEVATOR MUSIC! haha) or your office tour isn’t spliced up into segments to make it easier for your viewers to watch, then you may want to reconsider re-editing your office tour video.

Two really great places to get Royalty Free Music is Melody Loops and Audio Jungle.

Sure, you’ll pay a little money for a single track, (anywhere between $5 and $17 for s single track) but the music is Royalty Free…which means there is no danger of getting nailed for copyright infringement. Copyright infringement can cost you upwards of $3,000 per fraction!

So Melody Loops and Audio Jungle are two very trusted sources for copyright free music.

Also, you can use Windows Movie Maker if you have a PC or iMovie if you’re a Mac user to edit your videos.  Both Softwares are FREE and come with your computer.

Video Marketing can drive TONS of traffic to your website, create instant celebrity status for you and make people see you as a trusted authority in your community if it’s done right.

Unfortunately, not many chiropractors are “Doing It Right”.

How Would You Like To Have Your Own P.I.M.P. Office Tour Video Made?

If you’ll notice,  Dr. Joel Speers didn’t even appear in his video.  He had one of his chiropractic assistants do the office tour for him! So if you’re camera shy, there are ways of getting around that! 😉

If you would like me to create a P.I.M.P. Office Tour for your website, facebook page and YouTube Channel, I’m currently accepting 10 new clients that I will work with personally from start to finish to produce a Incredible Office Tour that your patients, friends and family will be excited to share around social media! This will ultimately help you drive more traffic to your website and schedule more new patient appointments!


I Can Only Accept 10 Clients At A Time.


The reason I can only accept 10 clients at a time is because it takes me several hours to edit the videos and if I accept more than 10 at a time, I wouldn’t be able to have such a quick turn around time. From the time you get me the video file of your office tour it takes me approximately 48 hours to turn them around and have them ready to upload to YouTube.

As a matter of fact, I will upload the video to your YouTube Account for you and Search Engine Optimize your video and your Channel for maximum exposure! (All At No Extra Charge…it’s included in your investment)

What Happens After You Hire Me?


#1. I’ll shoot you a quick email so we can schedule a time to talk on the phone or skype so I can explain to you exactly how I want you to film your office tour. Don’t worry, it’s SUPER SIMPLE…so easy my 7 year old daughter can do it.

#2. I’ll have you email me your RAW video file.

#3. I’ll P.I.M.P. out your video and make it all MTV CRIBS like!

#4. I’ll have the video edited and ready to upload to YouTube within 48 hours!

#5. I’ll have you provide me your YouTube login credentials so I can upload the video and SEO your video and your Channel so Google will be more likely to rank this video and all future videos you upload to your Channel!


If you don’t have a YouTube Channel, I’ll Create one for you and take care of everything on my end so you never have to lift a finger.

And voilà!!! We’re done!!


So, if you’re ready to get started I’m offering this service at an introductory fee of $297.

I’m eventually going to charge $497 for this service, so by being one of the first 10 people to invest in your own MTV Cribs style office tour, you can SAVE $200!

So You’ll SAVE $200 TODAY!


…but act quickly!  These 10 spots will go FAST and you’ll be kicking yourself if you have to wait another 30-60 days to have your P.I.M.P. office tour video made! This is an absolute STEAL! Try hiring a video crew come into your office and shoot even a 30 second commercial for less than $3,000.  It’s damn near impossible.

You’re getting a sweet office tour video for a fraction of the cost. And if for some reason, you are not 100% Satisfied with the video I put together for you, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your investment the exact same day!




I hope you found some value in this blog post and I’m excited to work with you this month! In the mean time,


Chris Burfield

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