Why People Will Do Anything To Gain A Sense of Hope

How much time do you think people spend looking for answers to problems in their lives?  Not sure?  Well go to YouTube right now or even Google and type in “How To” or “Self Help” and you’ll get a sense of their need for answers, their need for hope.

You know what, let me save you a little time.  Here’s a screen capture of YouTube showing the number of search results for the words “How To” alone…Over 203 Million Results!!

how to chiropractic marketing

The need for “hope” is such a basic human drive and it often blows my mind when I think about how little attention we actually give to it.   This addiction is so powerful, yet it is so often overlooked.

And this is why I think it’s overlooked…

I think it’s overlooked because we give so much attention (focus) to executing our tasks that we lose sight of why we’re even engaging in the tasks in the first place.  For example, we become so FOCUSED on the “script” of our Report of Findings that we fail to address the patients need for a sense of hope.

If we don’t provide a sense of hope, then there is a strong possibility that the MD down the street will.  If the MD provides a sense of hope and we don’t, the patient will become vulnerable and end up in the wrong hands.  And this is WHEN  and WHERE people die.  #TRUTH

So you can either learn to offer hope to people or you can watch people die.  It’s that black and white. There’s no arguing with me on that.  As a matter if fact, if that makes your pussy hurt, then just opt-out of my list now, because you and I have nothing in common. I’m here to help you SAVE MORE LIVES and if that bothers, you, then get out.

Anyway, if you’re still with me, then let’s get back to my lesson. 🙂  P.S. I LOVE YOU for staying with me!!  So let’s SAVE SOME LIVES!

Do you want to harness this power?  The power to be able to give people a sense of hope?


Here’s how you do it!

STOP and ask yourself these three questions…

  • What is it that my patients are frustrated with?
  • What is it my patients are seeking to resolve?
  • How will complying with my care plan satisfy their need for hope?

This addiction is easy to fulfill, provided that we don’t overlook the addiction in the first place.

Offering hope is so powerful!!   Religions offer people hope of salvations. Cults offer their followers hope to their problems. Con-Artists offer their victims the hope of financial gain and opportunities that will help them get out of the hopeless situation they are currently in.

So the big question is, “What promise of hope can you offer the next patient that comes into your office?”

Again, please realize this is not about “tricking” people into care. Chiropractic is AMAZING and offers HOPE to so many people, but I think that we often overlook the hope it can bring.

For example, read this quick story about Dr. Charlie Majors.  He had bone marrow cancer that metastasized to his brain.  His story of healing offers HOPE to all cancer patients worldwide.

charlie majors


Seriously, imagine being a cancer patient that has bone marrow cancer that has metastasized to your brain and you show up in Dr. Charlie Majors office and he tells you that he had the same cancer and was only expected to live a short while and against all odds, he beat it…without chemo, without radiation, without surgery.  As a “patient” in his office, being diagnosed with the same thing, do you think that would offer “HOPE”?

You’re goddamn right it would!

Offering people a sense of hope is extremely powerful and you NEED to learn how to do it.

So study the 3 questions I presented at the beginning of this article and memorize them.  …and then make sure you answer those questions in your ROF.

  • What is it that my patients are frustrated with?
  • What is it my patients are seeking to resolve?
  • How will complying with my care plan satisfy their need for hope?

Do that, and you’ll be well on your way to experiencing explosive growth!

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