Why People Need To Know Things Others Don’t And Things They Aren’t Suppose To Know

Wanna know a secret?

Well, you’re not the only one.

One of the most seductive forms of communication is making people feel like they know something they aren’t suppose to.

Almost every guru on the planet has claimed to be in possession of some sort of secret knowledge or at least made their followers “think” they were in possession of secret knowledge.

Just look at some of the really well know Cult Leaders of our time.  Men like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite, Shoko Asahara, Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret.

All of these men made their followers feel like they and they alone had a direct line to God.

While the rest of the congregation/world is desperately seeking to find God, these men knew God, and they knew what God’s plan was.


After all, only the Guru can help you achieve true union with God, right?

The power these people had was based largely on their claims of possessing secret knowledge.  Their followers were led to believe that if they complied with their demands, they would eventually reveal that secret knowledge to them.

We see this method being implemented all over the world today…even in chiropractic.

For example, have you ever seen a headline like this?

“Discover One Doctor’s Secret To Attracting 50-60 New Patients In A Single Month!  Learn How This Simple, Easy To Implement, But Highly Effective Method Can Explode Your Practice Overnight!

The power of secrecy is all around us.  …and it’s just waiting for you to harness it.

Now, just like most marketing strategies, you can use this hidden addiction for good or you can use it for evil.

I choose to use it for good.  (and I would hope you would too)

Heck, you may have even seen me use this terminology in my past emails or blog posts.

Why?  …because it works.

Look,  if you have a product or service in which you genuinely have a way for people to get the results their looking for,  but not many people know about the method, then by all means, let people know that that you’ve got a secret method.


  • Maybe you have an adjusting technique that no one else in town uses.
  • Maybe you have a weight loss program that is cutting edge and really unique and very little people have heard of it.
  • Maybe you offer personal coaching to your patients for an additional fee and as a result, they get all your “secret wisdom” on how to transform their health.  (I mean, you know stuff hey don’t know, right?)

Hell!  Chiropractic itself is a SECRET!!!   How many people really know what chiropractic can do for them?

I like to think of chiropractic as, “The Greatest Health Care Secret God Has Ever Given To Man.”  

This hidden addiction requires very little explanation.

The main point here is to ask yourself,

“What is it about your product, service or ideas that has an edge of secrecy to it?

When you finally figure it out, you’ll have another very powerful source of persuasion at your finger tips.

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