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My Schedule Is So Full!

"Chris, I wanted to update you on my status with the Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Program Chris.  I have done the program at the local high school and middle school on two consecutive Thursdays.....I was planning on doing the grade school and elementary school as well, but I am taking the next two weeks off because my schedule is already SOOOO FULL from the first two schools!!!
This couldn't be simpler...and the teachers and staff love it!!!  Thanks again Chris!"
-- Dr. Tim Sala

We Made Over $20,000!

"We made over $20,000 doing just a few teacher appreciation programs.  It's the easiest thing we've ever done."

-- Dr. Jeremy Evans, Texas

I've Collected Over $300,000 From These Events!

"I collected over $300,000 from teacher appreciation alone.  This does not include the money I collected from their families or friends that were referred in after the fact.  I think I did 12 or 13 that were only half days. This thing rocks!  I have no doubt this will double my practice in 90 days! "

-- Dr. Justin Atkinson.,  Illinois

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